Zofran Lawsuit: Zofran Caused Infant Heart Defect, Parents Say

Published on September 11, 2015 by

The use of Zofran as an anti-nausea drug prescribed to pregnant women continues to receive high levels of spotlight, especially due to the lawsuits being filed against Zofran’s manufacturer, Glaxo Smith Kline. One of the latest birth defect lawsuits concerns a child allegedly born the heart defects Transposition of the Great Vessels and pulmonary stenosis.

The female child was born in 2008, and the mother was prescribed Zofran for her morning sickness thus allegedly exposing the baby to Zofran throughout the first trimester of fetal development. When she was born, her parents claimed that she had blue skin which is an indication of a condition called Cyanosis. This condition is caused primarily by poor circulation and can be a symptom of certain heart defects. The infant was taken for testing straight after birth and an echocardiogram revealed the cause of the Cyanosis; Transposition of the Great Vessels. This condition occurs when the heart’s main arteries positions are switched.

This condition means that although the child’s blood was able to return to the heart after flowing from the lungs, the blood could then ONLY return back to her lungs rather than flow through the out the body. The Plaintiffs of the lawsuit claim that due to being caught in this endless loop, her blood was unable to nourish her body tissues and organs.

The diagnosis of TGV is a medical emergency and the Plaintiffs state that their child was operated on within five days of delivery. The child has had continual procedures and a recent procedure, meant to help correct the pulmonary stenosis, which is another additional obstruction between her heart and lungs, failed to normalize her blood pressure according medical records presented to the court.

Her parents stated that the little girl needs continuous monitoring and even at the age of 7, her cardiologist appointments have increased.

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