Xarelto Legal Action- Bayer and Johnson & Johnson Accused of Downplaying Risks

Published on May 28, 2015 by

We have discussed what Xarelto was designed to treat, how the drug works and the unwanted side effects caused by its use. But what happens now? How do you bring legal action against the makers of Xarelto? First let’s discuss the current Xarelto legal action brought against Bayer and Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturers of Xarelto.

The most common charge against manufacturers of Xarelto is that they either downplayed or completely omitted the serious risks involved in taking the drug. Consumers have claimed that 65 deaths have been connected to bleeding caused by the drug, which, unlike its competitor Warfarin, does not have an antidote. Based on the FDA's 2011 review of Xarelto, and a number of medical studies since, it also appears that the manufacturers deliberately rejected the advice of experts to take more precautions when treating patients with the drug.

When The Wall Street Journal published an article in August 2014 on the increasing number of lawsuits being filed against Bayer and Johnson & Johnson (J&J), a spokesperson for J&J reached out, saying the following: "The risk of bleeding, a known side effect for all blood thinners, is clearly highlighted in the warnings and precautions of Xarelto prescribing information." Following this quote, the article notes that the spokesperson did not answer questions surrounding increased advertising or respond to the reporter's question about the number of lawsuits that have been filed thus far.

As more and more cases emerge, patients are increasingly pressuring Bayer and Johnson & Johnson to consolidate lawsuits, which would make it easier for plaintiffs to prepare and file cases.

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