Mass Tort - Dangerous Drug and Device Injury Lawyers

At Marc whitehead & Associates, LLP, we represent those who have suffered harm or death caused by a dangerous or defective medication, drug or medical device. We work diligently on behalf of our clients to obtain the maximum compensation for their injuries.

Practice Areas

Pharmaceutical Drug Injury

Our attorneys represent clients nationwide who became sick or were injured while taking certain pharmaceutical drugs.

We also file wrongful death claims for family members or representatives on behalf of loved ones killed by unsafe medicines. Our law firm seeks the maximum compensation possible for those injured by a drug company’s negligent or intentional acts of making dangerous drugs available to consumers.

We are currently representing lawsuits related to: Zofran, Xarelto and Risperdal and Testosterone medication.

Defective Medical Devices

Marc Whitehead & Associates handles claims against the manufacturers and suppliers of defective medical devices.

Our firm seeks to hold these companies accountable for injuries suffered as a result of their negligence. Lawsuits against medical device manufacturers may be brought due to a bad design, poor manufacturing methods, or a failure to warn the medical community and consumers of possible defects associated with these devices.

Our medical device lawyers are currently representing cases related to Transvaginal Mesh.

Your Rights to Civil Lawsuit against Pharmaceutical Companies

Our justice system gives injured consumers remedies when they are harmed due to a manufacturer’s negligence, liability or fraud.

If you have suffered complications from an FDA approved drug or medical device, you should not have to pay the costs incurred by a corporation’s negligence. Our attorneys may be able to help you take legal action through the courts by filing a civil lawsuit against the drug or device company.

Pharmaceutical lawsuits can be large and complex. The protections of personal injury law come into play. Dangerous drugs and poorly designed medical devices can injure thousands of people. This type of personal injury lawsuit is often handled in a legal action called a “mass tort.”

What is Mass Tort Litigation?

A “tort” is a civil wrong enacted by one person that causes injury to another. Legally this includes corporations. A mass tort means that similar injuries have been caused to many victims, such as in the case of an unsafe medication marketed to thousands of people throughout the U.S. by a drug company.

Mass tort cases are often handled differently in order to make the process more efficient for both the injured plaintiff and the court. Cases are assembled in one court, and evidence is shared between the cases. This effective approach is allowed in cases where

  • the same or similar side effects and complications affect hundreds or thousands of people, and
  • lawsuits filed are against the same company (or companies)

Each person’s case remains an individual case, and is litigated separately. Compensation is awarded according to each plaintiff’s unique injuries or damages.

This is different from a “class action” in which all the cases for all injury victims are given the same judgment.

How Marc Whitehead & Associates Can Help You

Our attorneys handle individual and mass tort lawsuits in state and federal courts nationwide. We know the strategies required to get the justice you deserve in complex mass tort litigation. We have access to advanced technology and the active resources required to successfully investigate, build and prepare your case.

This degree of knowledge, experience and dedication is key to prevailing against very large and very powerful heath care corporations and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

If you or a family member has been injured by a defective drug or medical device, do not hesitate. Request a free case evaluation today.