How Has Zofran Affected You and Your Child?

Published on April 2, 2015 by

Perhaps you’re a new mother whose infant came into this world with a severe defect, such as a cleft palate, malfunctioning kidney or heart problem. You’re wondering – since your physician prescribed Zofran (also technically known as “ondansetron”) to treat severe morning sickness during your pregnancy – whether that medication might have been responsible for your baby’s medical problems.
Or maybe you’re a friend of family member of a mother who recently suffered a heart problem – such as a debilitating arrhythmia – and you’ve heard on the news or on the internet that this drug has been linked to similar cardiac problems.

You probably have a lot of urgent questions about this drug, both from a scientific/medical perspective and from a legal one:

  • Did Zofran directly hurt you or someone you love?
  • Is there reliable scientific and medical evidence to suggest that this drug might, indeed, be responsible for hurting babies and mothers?
  • What role, if any, did the drug’s manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), play in promoting the anti-nausea medication in an “off label” fashion to millions of pregnant women?
  • What kinds of relevant legal actions are currently in the works?
  • What compensation can injured pregnant women (and their families and children) expect, and how might you explore or pursue such compensation?
  • How can you reconcile with a possible Ondansetron -related medical problem, like a heart issue, birth defect, or Serotonin Syndrome (SS)?


Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing a series of blog posts to provide a “20,000 foot” perspective on the saga over Zofran – a drama of national importance that’s just beginning to get the attention of major media outlets.

We have done our best to summarize the recent, relevant science and legal goings-on without blowing what’s happening out of proportion, exaggerating the science in either direction or getting bogged down in technical details.

Our goal is simple: to provide you with a clear understanding of this drug and its related issues, so you can gain clarity and control and protect yourself and your family.

Here is what we will be covering:

Zofran 101

Over the next several blogs, we will talk about what this medication is, why was it developed, and how doctors came to prescribe it to millions of pregnant American women for so-called “off label” uses. This section will also synopsize the science that prompted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to warn patients and doctors about Ondansetron side effects.

Legal Recourse

Next, we will examine the state of the legal actions against GlaxoSmithKline, discuss how these kinds of mass tort cases typically unfold and what plaintiffs can expect during the process, and go over your potential options to demand justice, compensation and fairness.

To explore the possibility of bringing legal action right away to obtain compensation for Zofran-related birth defects, please call the experienced attorneys here at Marc Whitehead & Associates, LLP at 855-423-3666. For more information regarding this potentially dangerous drug please download a copy of our free E-book, The Zofran Tragedy.