Have You or A Loved One Been Diagnosed with Gynecomastia or Male Breast Growth Due to Risperdal Use?

Published on June 8, 2015 by

Perhaps you are an adolescent male who developed abnormal breast growth (gynecomastia) while taking Risperdal. You may be embarrassed and confused about the effects of this condition on your body, and you are now looking for answers.

Or maybe you are the family member or friend of someone who suffers from gynecomastia, and you are wondering if the medication Risperdal could be responsible for your loved one's condition.

Whatever your connection to Risperdal may be, you are most likely dealing with a number of questions, such as:

  • Did Risperdal really cause the side effects experienced by me or my loved one?
  • Is there medical evidence available showing that Risperdal causes serious side effects like gynecomastia?
  • Did Johnson & Johnson encourage consumers to use Risperdal without taking the proper steps to investigate and/or disclose these potential side effects?
  • Did I or a loved one take Risperdal "off label?" If so, who can be held responsible for the trauma I have experienced?
  • Can consumers who have developed gynecomastia after taking Risperdal bring legal action against the manufacturer?
  • If I believe I have been harmed by Risperdal and would like to pursue compensation, what is the next step?

Regardless of your specific experiences with this drug, we want to provide you with a clear and thorough explanation of why gynecomastia occurs in males taking Risperdal. We’ve created what we believe is a fair and balanced guide that neither confuses readers by over-complicating the issues nor exaggerates the science involved.

In addition to explaining the relevant research and scientific concepts, we will also provide an overview of the legal implications for Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the drug's manufacturer, including the options for injured boys and men who may be entitled to compensation.

Our primary goal is simple: to provide you with a detailed overview of the scientific and legal issues surrounding the use of Risperdal so that you can clarify your understanding, get control over the situation and protect yourself and your family.

The topics we will cover are as follows:

Section I: Risperdal 101

We will provide a general overview of why Risperdal was made, how it works and when it is typically prescribed. Next, we will discuss the ways in which Risperdal has been used, including off-label usage. Finally, we will explain gynecomastia, and we will talk about how researchers came to discover the connection between Risperdal and this condition.

Section II: Legal Recourse

After reviewing the facts regarding Risperdal, we will then review the current state of legal actions against Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Risperdal, as well as its parent company Johnson & Johnson. We will talk about how mass tort cases like these work, as well as what clients can expect if they decide to join the fight. If you are a victim of gynecomastia because of Risperdal, we will also explain your options for pursuing justice and obtaining compensation for your suffering.

If you believe that you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms of gynecomastia after using Risperdal, discuss these symptoms with your doctor as soon as possible. If you are interested in pursuing legal action as a result of your experience with Risperdal, contact the team here at Marc Whitehead & Associates, LLP by calling 855-423-3666. We will be happy to review your case and explain your options.

For more information regarding the harm of Risperdal, download a free copy of our e-book, Risperdal: The Shocking Truth-Marketing Fraud Adds Up to Billion$ While Boys & Young Men are Irreparably Harmed. Be sure to check back each week for more updated information on the legal battle against the manufacturers of Risperdal.